Engage children in exciting local activities

ParentMaestro is an intuitive mobile app for parents to easily select activities for their children in the neighborhood. Search by location, type, day of week, price and more.

Organize better and become a Super Parent

Receive reminders and notifications on upcoming activities. Organize your kids’ schedules via calendar view from the same interface. ParentMaestro makes parenting effortless by having all the activity communication in one place.

Save time and remove friction in selecting kids' activities

Mobile app that uses artificial intelligence to optimize parents’ decision-making and uses machine learning to recommend the best activities. It’s where you find everything you need to know about activities for your kids, right at your fingertips!

Giving Control to Parents

Decision Making

  • Activity Information - Courses and Timings
  • Instructor Details - Experience and Certifications
  • Search by - Activity Type, Location and Age
  • Recommendation based on a wishlist


  • One place for all Activity Provider’s Communication
  • ParentMaestro Support

"Elevate your child's activities game with our app! From sports to arts, we've got you covered. Download now and unleash their full potential!"