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Let us introduce


ParentMaestro is a mobile App marketplace for neighbourhood kids' activities.

We work directly with school districts to provide free Mobile App to parents. The School District works with local entrepreneurs to list their services and help reach out to the parents.

Parents can enroll their child into the activity in the App and pay through a secure payment gateway. As a result, school districts get additional funds to hire more people to serve parents better.


“ Our mission is to enhance the partnership between school districts and local kids’ activities providers and to provide parents with a seamless and secure experience in enrolling their children in extracurricular activities through our free mobile app. By facilitating this process, we aim to generate additional funding for school districts to serve better and support children and their families. “

"Elevate your child's activities game with our app! From sports to arts, we've got you covered. Download now and unleash their full potential!"

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